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Where to get Wastewater Lagoon Design Spreadsheets

For wastewater lagoon design spreadsheets in either U.S. or S.I. units, click here to visit our spreadsheet store.  Obtain convenient, easy to use spreadsheets for wastewater lagoon design calculations at reasonable prices. Read on for information about the use of Excel spreadsheets for wastewater lagoon design.  Three types of wastewater lagoons that will be discussed next are the anaerobic lagoon, the facultative lagoon, and the maturation pond.

Anaerobic Wastewater Lagoon Design

Anaerobic lagoons are most useful for incoming wastewater with a high BOD content.  If present, an anaerobic lagoon would typically be the first type of treatment, often followed by facultative and or maturation ponds.  Anaerobic lagoons are deeper than facultative or maturation ponds, usually 8 to 15 ft.  Anaerobic wastewater lagoon Design is usually based on volumetric loading (kg BOD/day/m3 or  lb BOD/day/1000 ft3).  A specified minimum hydraulic retention time may also be used.

Facultative Wastewater Lagoon Design

The classic type wastewater treatment lagoon is the facultative pond.  It is aerobic at the  top with an anaerobic sediment layer at the bottom.  Algae growing in the lagoon are important for maintaining dissolved oxygen in the pond.  There are often one or more primary facultative ponds and one or more secondary ponds.  A typical three cell layout for two primary cells and one secondary cell is shown in the diagram below.  A well designed and operated facultative lagoon system can provide secondary level treatment if algae are removed from the effluent.  Facultative wastewater lagoon design is typically based on surface loading (kg BOD/day/ha or lb BOD/day/acre).  A specified minimum hydraulic detention time is often used as a design factor also.Wastewater Lagoon Design - Three Cell Layout

Maturation Wastewater Lagoon Design

A maturation pond will typically be the last type of pond in a wastewater lagoon system if it is present.  There is usually little additional BOD removal in a maturation pond.  Its primary function is disinfection/reduction in bacterial content.  Maturation pond design is often based on required reduction in coliform bacteria with perhaps a minimum hydraulic retention time.

A Screenshot for a Wastewater Lagoon Design Spreadsheet

For a wastewater lagoon design spreadsheet with calculations in S.I. or U.S. units, or for other spreadsheets for activated sludge wastewater treatment calculations, see: www.engineeringexceltemplates.com

The Excel spreadsheet screenshot below shows part of a spreadsheet for wastewater lagoon design calculations, available  at our spreadsheet store in either U.S. or S.I. units at a very reasonable price.

Screenshot of wastewater lagoon design spreadsheet


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