These are unsolicited Testimonials from spreadsheet purchasers:

  1.  “Thank you again, Mr. Bengtson, for taking the time to develop these professionally formatted hydraulic design spreadsheets and offering them for a very reasonable price to the consulting community.”

from a purchaser of the Stormwater Management Complete Bundle and Open Channel Flow Complete spreadsheet bundle


2.  “Thank you Harlan!  I already used it with a client and looked like a hero!”

From a purchaser of the Lime Soda-Caustic Soda spreadsheet


3.   “Just took a look at the spreadsheet, it is exactly what I was hoping for and notes are terrific.  Outstanding job.”

From the purchaser of a custom spreadsheet for estimating the rate of natural gas loss though a slit in a pipe.


4.  “Thank you very much.  Best money I’ve spent in a long time.”

From a purchaser of the Partially Full Pipe Flow Spreadsheet.


5.  “Thank you very much!  This saved me days of work.”

From a purchaser of the Natural Gas Pipeline Flow Calculations Spreadsheet.


6.  “Thank you Harlan for the quick response.  The spreadsheets are exactly what I was needing.”

From a purchaser of the Activated Sludge Calculations Spreadsheet.


7.  “I appreciate the organization and versatility of your works.”

From a purchaser of a spreadsheet for air flow through an annulus.


8.  “Harlan, Thanks a lot for your fast help.  You are a genius.”

From a purchaser of a custom spreadsheet for sutro weir design.


9. Thank you,    It is what I have been looking for to support my own research and calculations.    I will also purchase some of your other spreadsheets as my project moves forward.

From a purchaser of the MBBR Processes Spreadsheet Package