Partially Contracted V-Notch Weir Excel Spreadsheets

Where to Find a Partially Contracted V-Notch Weir Excel Spreadsheet

To obtain a Partially Contracted V-notch weir Excel spreadsheet for , click here to visit our spreadsheet store. Why use online calculators or hand calculations when you can buy a partially contracted V-notch weir spreadsheet for only $11.95.  Read on for information about Excel spreadsheets that can be used as v-notch weir open channel flow calculators for partially contracted flow.

For background on fully contracted v notch weir calculations, see the article, “V-Notch Weir Calculator Excel Spreadsheet.”   That article gives general information about V notch weirs and equations and conditions required for fully contracted v notch weir calculations.

Partially Contracted V Notch Weir Calculations for a 90o Notch Angle

Partially contracted v-notch weir excel spreadsheet diagram

The equation shown below is recommended by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation in their Water Measurement Manual (ref #1 below) for calculations with a partially contracted, 90o, v notch, sharp crested weir with free flow conditions and 0.4 ft < H < 2 ft (0.05 m < H < 0.38 m).

In U. S. units:  Q = 4.28H2.48, where Q is discharge in cfs and H is head over the weir in ft.

In S.I. units:  Q = 1.36H2.48, where Q is discharge in  m3/s and H is head over the weir in m.

The conditions for the v notch weir to be fully contracted are:

H/P < 1.2,    H/B < 0.4,    P > 0.33 ft (0.1 m),   B > 2 ft (0.6 m)

The diagram above shows the parameters H, P, θ and B for a v notch weir as used for open channel flow rate measurement in a partially contracted v-notch weir excel spreadsheet.

Screenshot of a Partially Contracted V Notch Weir Excel Spreadsheet

The screenshot below shows a partially contracted v notch weir excel spreadsheet for making 90o, partially contracted v-notch weir calculations in U.S. units.  Based on specified values for H, P, & B (and a value for Ce from a graph on the spreadsheet), the spreadsheet checks on whether the required conditions for partially contracted flow are met and then calculates the flow rate, Q.  This Excel spreadsheet and others for v notch weir calculations are available in either U.S. or S.I. units at a very low cost (only $11.95)  in our spreadsheet store.

partially contracted v-notch weir spreadsheet screenshot


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