MBBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet

Where to Find an MBBR Nitrification  Denitrification Spreadsheet

To obtain an MBBR Nitrification Denitrification spreadsheetclick here to visit our spreadsheet store.  This Excel spreadsheet is intended for MBBR nitrification denitrification process design calculations. You can buy a convenient MBBR Nitrification Denitrification spreadsheet  for a very reasonable price.  This spreadsheet makes MBBR process design calculations for BOD removal, nitrification, and denitrification. including both pre-anoxic and post-anoxic denitrification processes.  It is available in either U.S. units or S.I. units.  Read on for information about using an MBBR process design calculations spreadsheet for nitrification and denitrification.

Background for MBBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet

The moving bed biological reactor (MBBR) appeared relatively recently on the wastewater treatment scene.  It was developed in the 1990’s, and is now used in many countries around the world.

The MBBR wastewater treatment process is quite flexible.  It is used for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment and can be designed for BOD removal alone or in combination with nitrification or with nitrification and denitrification.  It is used as a single stage process or as a two-stage or three-stage process.

The diagram below shows the general configuration of a Pre-anoxic nitrification denitrification MBBR wastewater treatment process.  Denitrification can also be carried out in a Post-Anoxic nitrification denitrification process.

MBBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet flow diagram

MBBR Pre-Anoxic Nitrification Denitrification Flow Diagram

 Example MBBR Wastewater Treatment Design Spreadsheet

An example MBBR nitrification denitrification spreadsheet is partially shown in the two images below.  This Excel spreadsheet can be used to calculate the required MBBR tank volume and dimensions, based on user input media information and wastewater design flow and characteristics.  This Excel spreadsheet, as well as others for wastewater treatment process design calculations, is available in either U.S. or S.I. units for a very reasonable price in our spreadsheet store.

MBBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet Screenshot1

Screenshot1 – Pre-anoxic Nitrification Denitrification

MMBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet Screenshot2

Screenshot2 – Pre-anoxic MBBR Nitrification Denitrification Spreadsheet


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